Rumor Mill
The Taxi Reporter:

This picture has just came in.

Word on the street is, (we believe that certain intelligence agencies at various unions), report that this device found somewhere near or around an unnamed taxi company, will revolutionize the entire Las Vegas Service industry. It is believed that this device will be ready for mass production in Reno Nevada as soon as they work some of the technical kinks.

The Vendor for the sound and video equipment is still to be announced.

Resort Casinos around the world are looking at his device for the marketability to customers, dealers, floor personnel, and house keeping employees.

The employees themselves are also looking at this device to increase their efficiency ratios.

Initial public offerings are expected to be overwhelming.

Most service personnel have felt the pinch since the 9-11 reorganization of several Hotel Human Resource Department strategies in the Las Vegas Valley. With a greater number of service employees hired back with fewer full time employees as perhaps the trade off for hiring additional security. With the advancement of employee scheduling software connected to sophisticated what-if cost-benefit analysis routines and of course the need for greater commissions to upper management to avoid unneccessary higher full time benefits costs.

And as medical benefit costs are reaching an all-time high, it is believed that most of these employees would be happy to enlist the use of the mobile port a-chair to please their managers and compete with the willingness of other employees to completely degrade themselves while Casino visitors from around the world look upon them and wonder what it would be like to have sex with such a submissive people.

In the meantime, issues are still being resolved on where to exactly put the toilet paper holder. In the Taxi's itself or a placement somewhere on the device.

Other competing complaints from Vendors who will be renting the mobile devices to visitors, say that, "there just isn't enough room for the

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